3D Printing

I’m digging out heels into 3D printing. It’s been going well so far. I look forward to building my inventory of 3D printable models.  I’ve purchased a bunch of stuff online and while much of it is really cool, I think I can do better. So I will be replacing much of what I have with my own work and as I complete each of those tasks I will make the files and the printed parts available.

3D Rendering

Part of designing 3D printable parts is imagining their use on the car/truck. I spend a lot of time rendering vehicles in a showroom-style setting.  This enables me to see the parts and their affect on the car/truck. Every 3D part I make available will owe its origins to these 3D renders. If you have any specific needs for a 3D printed part, please contact us and let us know. We’d be happy to discuss your needs.

Scale Modeling

Building models is the root of everything I’m doing here. I started 3D printing because I wanted to be able to make the parts I need for my builds without having to wait days or weeks for them to come in the mail. One thing leads to another, so then I started 3D modeling so that I could make my own parts. You can buy files online, but you are limited to what someone else wants to create as well as their ability to create a clean file. So, when all is said and done, I spend more time 3d modeling and Rendering than I do actually building models. BUT … when I do get to the bench, I enjoy what I’m doing that much more.